About Us

What is Go General Aviation and why do I need this?!

Have you ever flown into an airport and landed and wondered how to get from point A to B?

or after flying to all your favorite known spots wanted a resource to find new places to fly?

Go General Aviation is your after landing checklist!

There are numerous resources to flight plan but once you arrive the information is lacking.

How to get around (crew car, rental, ride share, ect.), where to stay (hotels, camping), and activities (beach, national park, museums) and services (restaurants) near the airport.

We are the database you have been looking for.

As a user based website that provides real stories of people who have flown in or its their local airport. This will be your single source for all the details you need.

How it works: - Create a profile.

On the profile we ask for basic information.

Simply search the site for the airport you are interested in or search the amenities you are looking for.

Then the results are listed.

From there you can read others aviators stories and make a plan for your trip.

Also you can set up alerts if someone visits a place you are interested in and shares a story with the opportunity to ask questions.

- This is a community website, so after your trip share the details!

Other aviators will appreciate learning from your experience.

Go General Aviation was created by a flying family who was looking to explore more with their plane. We would fly to many places and wonder; is it safe to walk? Is the restaurant really .3 miles away and how do we get there? We would check multiple sites looking for information on what to expect after we land and how to get our family (2 adults and 2 kids in carseats) some were safely to spend the day or a weekend exploring.

We hope you join our GOGA community as a active user and share your experience so we can all enjoy exploring through general aviation. Check us out on social media too! 

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